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Guidelines for Submitting Data

All data should be submitted within the sample excel spreadsheets listed below, for radiocarbon and isotope data sets respectively.


Download the Radiocarbon Submission Sheet here.

Radiocarbon submissions should include the following types information. However, if some information is not known, simply list unknown.

Site: Archaeological site name

Region: Geographic region within culture area

Culture Area: Culture area within Mesoamerica (e.g., Basin of Mexico, Valley of Oaxaca, Belize Valley)

Provenience: Archaeological provenience of material dated.

Context: Location within site (settlement area, site core, cave, rockshelter, etc.)

Material: Type of material dated (e.g. bone, charcoal, uncharred seed, etc.)
Species: Species of dated sample (human, white-tailed deer, maize, unknown)

Radiocarbon Facility: Laboratory that measured radiocarbon age.

Lab no: Number assigned by radiocarbon facility

Measured  δ13C: Measured δ13C contents of radiocarbon dated sample

Radiocarbon age (uncal BP): Radiocarbon age of sample (uncal BP)

Error: Estimated 14C measurement error

Calibrated (2 sigma): Calibrated distribution at the 2-sigma range (whole value, 95.4%)

Dating Method: AMS or radiometric

Longitude: Longitude coordinates of site

Latitude: Latitude coordinates of site

Depth: Centimeters below surface or datum (specify which by using cmbd or cmbs)

Sample pre-treatment: Method of sample pre-treatment. For example ABA for charcoal or ultrafiltration for bone.

Duplicate/Replicate? Has the same sample (duplicate) or context (replicate) been dated? If so, specify which samples.

Submitted by: Name of person who submitted the dates to the database

Submission date: Date of submission

Comments: Any additional information needed to explain context, pretreatment, etc.

Citation: Full reference listing where the dates were published.

After completing the excel spreadsheet, please email the data to the website managers ( or and we will format the data for inclusion in the database.  We are currently working on an online submission form, which we hope to release soon. 


The MesoRAD database is maintained and updated with funding and support by the Department of Anthropology and the Institute of Archaeology at Baylor University.


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