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About MesoRAD

The Mesoamerican Radiocarbon Database (MesoRAD) is an open-access public database for published radiocarbon data from research projects spanning the broader area of Mesoamerica. Radiocarbon dates have been compiled from the published literature spanning the past ~60 years. The MesoRAD database will be updated to as additional published radiocarbon dates become available. MesoRAD began building this radiocarbon database in 2014, with the compilation of dates from across the northern Maya lowlands (Hoggarth et. al. 2016) and the central and southern lowlands (Ebert et al. 2017). Since this time several hundred more dates have been identified in the published literature and we made them available on this website in 2020.

The database currently contains over 1500 dates. The isotope database is currently under construction and new data will be added soon. Both databases are updated as new information is published or submitted by researchers.

We encourage scholars to contribute data using the downloadable Excel spreadsheet and submitting them to the database managers. See the Data Submission page above.

For more information contact:
Julie Hoggarth

Claire Ebert

The MesoRAD database is supported and maintained by the Department of Anthropology and the Institute of Archaeology at Baylor University.

How do I submit dates?

Projects can submit their published radiocarbon dates for archival in the MesoRAD Database. See the "Data Submission" page for the guidelines and information that needs to be included in submissions.

What type of isotope data can be submitted?

The MesoRAD database may be used to archive any isotopic data that you publish from locations throughout Mesoamerica. These may include stable isotopes, strontium, sulfur, or lead isotopes. All submissions require included information about sample type and pre-treatment protocols.

How can I get involved in MesoRAD?

The database will be expanding to visualize data in different ways in the future. If you are interested in helping MesoRAD in these endeavors, please contact the website managers! Any assistance will only make the database better!

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